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Funny New Year Messages 2015 - Funny SMS Wishes Quotes !*

Hi friends, have you been searching for the funny new year messages to send to friends. See this article to find some non-stop fun giving new year sms. you may like to read the articles on new year messages 2015 as well as new year wishes 2015 and funny new year quotes 2015

funny new year messages 2015
It's time to show up yourself on the great day of the year i.e., first day of the year, Jan 1. Express all your emotions and feelings on that day by enjoying a lot with the family members and friends. Some people want to be sportive, because they don't care about what happened in their past life and takes everything positively. You may also see somebody who wants to have inspiration in everything they do. Now here comes the main category i.e., funny people, this kind likes to have fun and entertainment in every work they do.

Funny New Year Messages 2015

What is the intention of everyone on the day of new year? To be yourself happy and seeing all others to be happy, isn't it? Sending SMS in a funny manner gives lot of fun to others who read your message. So, in order to make a strong bond with them, just send a This new year eve happens in every nation including America (US), United Kingdom (UK), India, Spain and Bangladesh etc. There are two events for the people of America at this event, one is new year and another one is Christmas. So, all the best to your new life and live it as you like it.
new year's messages

Now, after this valuable and funny talk on the new year, we are here with the Funny New Year Messages 2015

Funny Message #1
♥•I won't quarrel with you this year
I'll reduce the laundry and use perfumes more•
Happy New Year 2015!

Message Funny #2
• ♥If I have done anything wrong, please excuse me
If you are a true friend, give me a chance to do it once again• •

Funniest Message #3
 ♥I promise I'll give up drinking beer
Still time is there for the new year right? Can I have another bottle?
Happy New Year, darling! -♥•

Message #4
• ♥-•Guess what I start new in this year?
I will begin doing old habits as new things..ha ha ha• .♥•

Funny New Year Quotes 2015

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Funniest New Years Message and sayings 2013.

Message #5
• ♥_•I promise I'll wake up early in the morning
So that I can sleep in the night too early• ♥•_

Message #6
• ♥•--You know what is the advantage of New Year?
You can drink as much as you want legally
But don’t drive, be secure and have joy!
• ♥•:

Message #7
• '♥•Sorry yaar, I can't be a friend of you any more
I am getting bored in your friendship
That's why I want to be your life partner rather• ♥:•

Message #8
• =♥•May this year gives you more pains, problems
Don't treat me as bad guy, I just want you to make ROCK solid when the problem comes
Happy New Year• ♥"•

Message #9
• ♥:)•May this new year gives you more prosperity
Stretch your hands to greet your buddies, but not for a help..Lol• ♥•:)

Message #10
• ..♥•If you don't change anything what you have thought this year
First change your complaining h@bit and try again• ♥•.)


Comical New Year SMS 2015

That' all we have now for you guys. We will be updating every article in this blog. Keep visiting us for latest new year messages 2015, new year wishes, happy new year quotes and more on new year 2015. We wish to know what you are expecting from this year? Participate with us by entering your precious comments below. And let us know if you have any other unique funny messages. We would love to hear from you. All the best! Happy new year.


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