Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Friendship SMS For Best Friends in English

Friendship SMS For Best Friends. Scroll down to see wonderful sms real friends. 10 heart touching friendship messages for you in English.

Most of the people look forward to celebrate and wish their friends happy friendship day. Friend is the person in the world who can understand every single thing about you is friend. Friends are who always give support to you in any situation; actually friends are god’s gift. Friends can do anything for you; friend is the only person does everything without expecting anything from you that is friendship. “The one who cares you and don’t wait for your thanks” is friend.
Here we have converted your trust and affection into friendship as SMS/messages, some of the SMS that are helpful you to surprise your friends.

Friendship SMS For Best Friends

Best Friendship Day SMS #1
The one who can understand my feelings
The one who don’t hurt for my angry
The one who can share my tears
The one who can make me feel happy
And that is you..Thanks for being my friend
Happy friendship day.

Best Friendship Day SMS #2
Without happy my life is dull
Without risk my life is hard
Without love my life is bore
Actually I do all these things when I feel you are with me!
So, Without Ur friendship life waste!

Best Friendship Day SMS #3
F: Field of love
R: Root of joy
I: Island of god
E: End of sorrow
D: Door of understandings
I can tell the meaning but I cannot express how important you are for me!
Happy friendship day 2014....

Best FriendshipDay SMS #4

LIFE changes from
Classroom 2 office
Books 2 files
Jeans 2 formal
Pocket money 2 salary
Girlfriend 2 wife
But Friends never change, they will be like idiots forever,
Thanks for making me an idioit..

Best Friendship Day SMS #5
 A true friendship is like a computer,
You “Enter” into my life,
“Format” all my problems,
“Shift-ed” me to best opportunities,
Never ever “delete” me from your life..
Happy friendship day 2014....

Friendship Day SMS For Best Friends in English

Best FriendshipDay message #6
Friendship is not a word,
not merely a relationship.
It’s a silent promise saying, “I was ”, “I am” and ”I will be with you forever"
Happy friendship day 2014....

Best FriendshipDay message #7
The sweetest of joys
The loveliest of flowers
The melodist of songs
Can’t compare to the beauty and specialness in our FRIENDSHIP
Happy friendship day 2014.....
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Best FriendshipDay message #8
Some days are rough, some days are smooth
But the journey of the life is easier with a friend like you
Friendship Day SMS For Best Friends in English
Best FriendshipDay message #9
Please Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow you.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend.

Best FriendshipDay message #10
"A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself."

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