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Happy New Year In Spanish Messages And Wishes 2015!

Hello friends, are you searching for the new year messages? Here are the some messages we have collected for you to send to a friend or to anyone who you love most. Sending new and fresh year massages to a friend or a relative or to anyone gives them happiness. Get the translation of "happy new year" in spanish and send new year messages, greetings, new year wishes sayings and happy new year's quotes in Spanish language.

happy new year in spanish messages
Everybody will be in hurry to send SMS to their friends and family members. Even though our relatives are with us, we would like to send a message to them. This is just a funny and small loving gift for them, even they don't forget it. New year wishes starts from the 12:00 AM Jan 1. People will go crazy that night, enjoys a lot through out the day and night. Children goes out of the home and they wishes their every little friends and everyone with a sweet chocolate or with a greeting.

Best Friendship Day Message In Spanish

Some memorable things happens on the new year day. Dramas, dances and funny skits, singing and everything that gives better joy, we do on that day. Those type of fun and enjoyment will be great to do and see. These are unforgettable things in our life. All we do in our small and sweet life is to live a happy life with our relatives and friends. So, do whatever comes to your mind and you should be in full delectation that day. Checkout latest new year messages, new year wishes and awesome new year quotes of 2015.

Actually on the day of new year, everybody want to do something new like they didn't do in the past. Some people want to start some business and some may want to do well. Students wants to prepare a fresh schedule to study without any diversions. Yes, this is a good platform to start a better life, leaving all bad things done in the past and starting a new life.

Happy New Year = feliz Año Nuevo (in spanish)

Happy New Year Messages, SMS 2015 In Spanish

#Message greetings 1
Hey Mira! ••.\/
Lo que tengo para ti
Abrirlo ...

#Messages 2
Es hora de cambiar su dirección a la derecha
Es el momento de avanzar hacia el éxito del fracaso,
Es hora de hacer su actitud más colorido,
Es el momento de fuerte la fuerza que ya tiene,
Vamos a sentir la vida con este nuevo año,
Feliz Año Nuevo Mi querido amigo caliente dulce.

#Wishing Message 3
Antes de nada nuevo sucede,
Antes de que algo malo le sucede,
Antes de cerrar la puerta del sol
Antes universo mueve el calendario
Permítanme en primer lugar escoger la mejor opción para desear acerca de Año Nuevo.
A desea muy felices y coloridas para usted mi amigo....

#Message wishes 4
Sé que usted ha nacido para el rock,
pero nunca olvidar el reloj,
Calendario avanza hacia nueva ROCA
Nunca dejar de luchar con enemigos,
Bueno es el momento para celebrar nuestro nuevo año.

#Wish messages 5
Cada terminación conduce a nuevo comienzo,
Este fin de año se inicia un nuevo año
Espero que su relación con este año termina con un comienzo colorido.
Todo lo mejor! Y Feliz Año Nuevo.

Esté listo para celebrar este año colorido, alegre y feliz conmigo y con una sonrisa,
Los mejores deseos de tu mejor amigo

#Message 6
Estoy bastante seguro de que ustedes son Dios dotó a mí,
Por lo tanto, que las bendiciones de Dios sean siempre con usted, • ♥ /• .
Llevar la vida con una sonrisa en su rostro hermoso,
• .♥\/ • próspero Año Nuevo Y Saludable deseos para usted.

#Messaging 8
Ve y llevará en la dirección de sus sueños preciosos,
♥ ,• .¸I'll continuará manteniendo todo el tiempo, • ♥ ./•.
Esté preparado para hacer de este año uno de los mejores,
Que tengan un buen año.
#Text Messages 9
• ♥\/ • .you saben que Barack Obama le deseamos a granel,
Usted sabe que todas las estrellas en esta tierra que usted desea con todas las personas que te rodean,
Pero sabes qué, yo soy el que le desea personalmente y deliberada • ♥ • \/
• ♥ • ,.¸Cheerful desea para vosotros desde el que te cuida todo el tiempo.

#Year's Message 10
         Feliz Año Nuevo                    *\/• .♥•.¸
*               Gran Año                           *• ♥\/•..¸
                Colorful Año                    *• \/♥•¸
*                     Año Joyful                    *• ♥.¸
*                           2015                         *•♥•\/.¸
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<• ♥•...\/¸

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Read more article on new year's messages 2015, new year wishes 2015, new years quotes and funny new year messages and quotes in this blog.

There are so many ways to send messages, some would like to send online and some people via mobiles. There are so many countries like US, Australia, England, Spain, India and Germany and not so amazingly famous languages are also there like Spanish, English, Hindi to send text messages.
After our precious discussion on the friendship day, now let us see some amazing messages that definitely conveys your feelings and love to your loved ones.

In this blog you can find all kinds of Happy New Year SMs,Messages 2015. Latest New Year Wishes Messages 2015. Wonderful New Year Greeting cards and Text messages and sms. Stylish ASCII character new year Wishes and Messages for your girlfriends and boy friends. Messages are availble in all Languages.

Latest Happy New Year Wishes Messages 2015 {*!New!*}

Mostly we Post new year sms in english but we also write messages in different languages like spanish, french, Wishes in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil. Our New year 2015 wallpapers, Images and text messages are unique. If you like our Wishes or Greeting cards or Images/Wallpapers share those with your facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Whatsapp friends.

If you have any superb new year wishes send them to us. Hope you all enjoy with all these new year stuff. Advanced Happy New Year For everyone. I hope you all have wondeful year ahead.

Funny New Year Messages 2015 - Funny SMS Wishes Quotes !*

Hi friends, have you been searching for the funny new year messages to send to friends. See this article to find some non-stop fun giving new year sms. you may like to read the articles on new year messages 2015 as well as new year wishes 2015 and funny new year quotes 2015

funny new year messages 2015
It's time to show up yourself on the great day of the year i.e., first day of the year, Jan 1. Express all your emotions and feelings on that day by enjoying a lot with the family members and friends. Some people want to be sportive, because they don't care about what happened in their past life and takes everything positively. You may also see somebody who wants to have inspiration in everything they do. Now here comes the main category i.e., funny people, this kind likes to have fun and entertainment in every work they do.

Funny New Year Messages 2015

What is the intention of everyone on the day of new year? To be yourself happy and seeing all others to be happy, isn't it? Sending SMS in a funny manner gives lot of fun to others who read your message. So, in order to make a strong bond with them, just send a This new year eve happens in every nation including America (US), United Kingdom (UK), India, Spain and Bangladesh etc. There are two events for the people of America at this event, one is new year and another one is Christmas. So, all the best to your new life and live it as you like it.
new year's messages

Now, after this valuable and funny talk on the new year, we are here with the Funny New Year Messages 2015

Funny Message #1
♥•I won't quarrel with you this year
I'll reduce the laundry and use perfumes more•
Happy New Year 2015!

Message Funny #2
• ♥If I have done anything wrong, please excuse me
If you are a true friend, give me a chance to do it once again• •

Funniest Message #3
 ♥I promise I'll give up drinking beer
Still time is there for the new year right? Can I have another bottle?
Happy New Year, darling! -♥•

Message #4
• ♥-•Guess what I start new in this year?
I will begin doing old habits as new things..ha ha ha• .♥•

Funny New Year Quotes 2015

We have written the articles on new messages 2015, new year's wishes and new year's quotes and new year quote 2015. we are getting incoming search terms as funny new year messages, funniest new year's text messaging, funny crazy new year greetings. Funny New Year SMS 2014
Funniest New Years Message and sayings 2013.

Message #5
• ♥_•I promise I'll wake up early in the morning
So that I can sleep in the night too early• ♥•_

Message #6
• ♥•--You know what is the advantage of New Year?
You can drink as much as you want legally
But don’t drive, be secure and have joy!
• ♥•:

Message #7
• '♥•Sorry yaar, I can't be a friend of you any more
I am getting bored in your friendship
That's why I want to be your life partner rather• ♥:•

Message #8
• =♥•May this year gives you more pains, problems
Don't treat me as bad guy, I just want you to make ROCK solid when the problem comes
Happy New Year• ♥"•

Message #9
• ♥:)•May this new year gives you more prosperity
Stretch your hands to greet your buddies, but not for a help..Lol• ♥•:)

Message #10
• ..♥•If you don't change anything what you have thought this year
First change your complaining h@bit and try again• ♥•.)


Comical New Year SMS 2015

That' all we have now for you guys. We will be updating every article in this blog. Keep visiting us for latest new year messages 2015, new year wishes, happy new year quotes and more on new year 2015. We wish to know what you are expecting from this year? Participate with us by entering your precious comments below. And let us know if you have any other unique funny messages. We would love to hear from you. All the best! Happy new year.

New Year Quotes 2015 - Best Happy New Year Quotations For Friends

Hello friends, do you want to send some Happy New Year Quotes for 2015? Collect a few or more from here. Copy your most liked one and send them to your friends through mobile via some apps like WhatsApp, Wechat, Hike and Viber etc. Read a good article on new year wishes 2015 and new year messages 2015 . Go ahead for latest messages, quotes and greetings for new year 2015 greetings.
new year quotes 2015

There are so many kind of quotes for the new year like funny, inspirational and some heart touching ones. So, find here all types of quotes and choose the best one to send to your best friends, girl friends, family members like your father, mother and relatives. Somebody want to be comic, if you send a entertaining quote to them they will feel more happy for that. Inspirational new year Quotes creates more impression on you and they love to be as a friend of you. People who live in America (US), Australia, United Kingdom (UK), Spain and India other countries on the web celebrate this event with some time delay. Here you can find happy new year messages 2015, happy new year wishes, happy new year wishes messages 2015 and happy new year in Spanish.

So, let's see some of the best and top Happy New Year Quotes 2015 here. Different sort of SMS are there, let's go...

Happy New Year Quotes 2015

Quote #1
May this year gives you amazing things
And keeps you healthy and safe
I hope this may the year you didn't have up to now
Quote #2
Truth.. \ (•◡•) /

This is start of a new year!
Quote #3 (◣◢)
Happy new year quotes 2015
new year's quotes
Leave everything aside what was happened bad  
Let's get started a full life with the new conceives
Happy New Year 2015! ❤ ❥

New Year Quotes 2015 And New Year Quotes

new beginning quotes, new year famous quote 2014, new year's love quotes, new year friendship quotes, new years greetings quotes 2013, new year motivational quotes 2015 and inspirational quotes, new year's greetings.  
Quote #4
Take my Love as New Year's gift
Winded with earnestness \ (•◡•) /
Linked up with feelings
Stamped with grace
To keep you safe throughout the life
• ♥•Happy New Year• ♥•
Quote #5
Leave the tear and keep smiling
Don't fear and have fun
Don't feel pain but keep laughing in this New year
New year Quote #6
Make your life most joyful and successful
Shape your career more bright with this fresh year
Happy New Year 2015
Quote #7
May god be the best friend for you this year \ (•◡•) /
He cares about you so much and fulfills your dreams
God Always steer You...Happy New Year
Quote #8
Make your happiness double
Come across all your trouble \ (•◡•) /
Keep yourself bright & smart
Happy New Year
Quote #9 ≥Ö‿Ö≤
Low sunlight after the rain stop
Little smile after every talk
I want you to have these things this year
Happy New Year
Quote #10 ≧◠◡◠≦✌ ✿ \ (•◡•) /
Whenever you feel like somebody is taking your place in your best friend's  heart, don't say Never go close to my friend but say be close as much as you can, still I'll be the closest. Find true friends in this new year. Happy New Year (✿◠‿◠)
new year's quotes

That' it guys. I hope you found it useful. For latest new year wishes, messages, greetings, funny wishes and more about new year celebrations, read the other new year related articles in our blog. Coming to this post, we have provided you the best and unique quotes around the web.

Awesome Quotes For New Year 2014-2015

Select anyone of them and send it to your buddies, relatives and your loved ones to impress them and make them to start a new chapter in this year 2015. All the best for your future and personally we dedicate post to wish you a happy new year 2015. Thanks for reading this post and feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions about this year. If we miss unique quotes in this article please share them with us and our blog readers. We would love your participation and contribution. Great day!

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Happy New Year Wishes Messages 2015 - New Year greetings *!

We probably know that New year is the most famous festival around the world. Modern people's year starts with this festival. More than 150 countries celebrate this celebrations with lot of joy and interest. First day of January starts in Japan and spreads all over the world. So Japanese are the first people who first see the day of New year.

Really I'm exited to share something related to new year messages 2015. I have been writing about new year but this time it is strange. I had different kind of experiences as many of us have. I think you had a blast in 2014 and it's time to celebrate our life as much as possible because we are not eternal. So, in this article i have got something really interesting topic about new year wishing. You can find some interesting happy new year wishes 2015 in this article.

We have searched on internet for so many days to list out the best and good happy new year messages or SMS just only for you. You will be provided great messages soon if really wish to send and wish your best friends. You can send below mentioned messages for the friends who live in United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), India, Australia, Spain, Canada and the friends who live under the sky. Let's checkout the popular and perfect messages for your best friends in any gender. We have specially got some sort of SMS for the people who want to jump from friendship to love this year 2015. Be happy and stay healthy.
new year wishes 2015
On every single occasion we definitely wish our friends in different ways. Coming to text messages it is one of the amazing gateways to wish our friends. When it comes to new year messages, it is completely different stuff we need to concern about. Because every ending has a good beginning.
You can have a look at our trending articles on new year quotes 2015  and happy new year in Spanish . This article mainly concerned about new year wishes messages 2015.

#Message 1
We need to learn some lessons from the past, it's not about win or lose but it's matter of learning new approach at the end of the year.

#Wishes 2
Start a new page by destroying the unpleasant and sad memories of the older year for the pleasant and joyful future coming in the future.

#Greetings 3
Just have a look on new year which is on your way with huge confidence and great hope. I'm sure you will be having great days of the year on your path.

#Messages 4
If you made mistakes related to something that you care more, please make sure that it is rectified on first day of the year. Because you are losing what you mostly care about. Have a prosperous year.

#Message wish 5
Tomorrow's time reflects what you do today. So please make sure that you will be reflecting yourself to the world. Build it now and show on tomorrow.

#Message greeting 6
Make each and every moment of your life is "worth remembering". Because when you look back for the past in your future, you will be flying on the air. Happy New Year!

#greetings Messages 7
Make this New year be one of the introduction of a new beginning of new changes  that would definitely make you a better and great person in the society.

#Text message SMS 8
May higher responsibilities will come up with higher degree of strong attitude and wide varieties of comforts to make your life as remarkable. Great new year wishes for you my dear.

#wishes Message 9
The sweet honey taste of great success may come to your life throughout this New Year 2015. Sow the seeds of hard work and great effort to get sweet fruits of success.

#wishing Message 10
You are blessed with another great year filled with new opportunities to make it a blast. May God give you the courage to overcome difficulties and the confidence to walk on the hard path of success!
Different countries with different cultures celebrate this eve in some manner. Chinese feel it a festival holiday and they celebrate it with great intention and effort. Every Christian in India celebrate this fest with their friends in Muslim religion. Because India is the unique country with lot of religions and cultures in the world. That makes India famous on the globe.

This day everybody invites their friends and relatives to celebrate the evening and get started for the new glorious year. London city glows with millions of fireworks and celebrations. Tokyo is one of the famous city in celebrations of this fest. If you had any troubles are sad, just cheer up this year. I'm sure that it's going to be a remarkable year for you.

Happy New Year Wishes Messages 2015

It's really important for you to impress your girlfriend at the beginning of the year. Because if you start good, it will be good for the rest of the year. By considering "end" and "begin" - we gotta encourage our girlfriend and close friends to start up their personal life in a brand new way.

For that we need to send a welcome message of 2015 on the morning of January 1st. Before doing that, we need to select one of the best wishes messages around the web to impress our friends. You can select different messages based on the priority. To do that, we listed out the best messages on the internet and made a list for you. So, without any small delay, read the messages one-by-one and select the perfect message for the perfect person.

Latest & Wonderful New Year Wishes Messages 2015

Let's see some of the best messages that will definitely inspire or ignite her/him for the best future. Or it should express love of yours towards the person. new year wishes greetings.
happy new year wishes messages
 Note : Latest new year wishes messages 2015, greetings, SMS, quotes, funny messages, inspirational messages for new year 2015 are available in this site
 #Message 1

My Wishes 4 U, Great Start 4 JANUARY, Love 4 FEBRUARY, Peace 4 March, No Worries 4 April, Fun for May, Joy 4 June to Nov, Happiness 4 December, Have a Great and Prosperous New Year Wishes 2015

#Message 2

I feel my life when you smile for me, I feel my strength when you support me, I feel my failure when get angry on me, I feel my world when you be with me. Never go away from me. H@appy New year My Sweet heart.

#Message 3 (Romantic)
What do you say? I want to start kissing you at 11:59PM of 2014 to 12:01AM of 2015. You know what, it is a million dollars feeling I wish to have. I hope you understand my love. Thanks for supporting me my partner. Happy New Yearrrr wishes.

# Message 4
I know I've made some mistakes but you rectified me and forgave me. I will never miss U as long as I FEEL the life. Have a lovely New Year.

# Message 5

Spicy and Sweet New year Wishes to the best friend, girl and the best soul of mine. I hope you will enjoy this year like past with just me :)

#Message 6 
I don't know how You have reached my mind, you have your own house in my heart and you daily come into my dreams world. I'm sure this year 2015, this will increase by infinite times. Happy New Year My Dear Gold.

#Message 7
With tons of excitement I'm looking forward to intense our bond as love birds. I can't even imagine the world without you. Please be with me and stay happy for me. Thanks for the all support you made on me. H@ppy New Year 2015 wishes.

new year wishes sms

#Message 10 ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

Second may end,

minute may end,
hour may end,
Day may end,
month may end,
Year may end but dreams never end!
Go in the direction of your golden dreams.
Happy New Year My dear Friend.

#Message 11 (✿◠‿◠)

You need to lead your life full of cheer,
Nothing matters go for it dear,
I hope you will find your own path in this year,
Wish you a prosperous new year!

Best New Year Wishing Messages 2015

It is just one life for us on this earth. We don't what happens if get vanishes. So, enjoy each moment of your life to get the best of yourself. To do that start you new life this year, rectify past mistakes and problems with your loved ones. Explain yourself to live like a legend. Be the lion in the society. No one is going to stop your. Break the chains, come out of the box and see the beauty of the world. Be who you are and say what you feel to impress the world and make them to see you strong.

#Message 2
It's time to change your direction to right,¸•♥ •
It's time to move towards success from failure,
It's time to make your attitude more colorful,
•♥•It's time to Strong the force you already have,
Let's feel the life with this New Year,
Happy New Year My dear sweet hot buddy.

#Message 3
• ♥/.¸Before anything new happens,
Before anything bad happens,
Before sun close the door,• ♥•.¸
Before universe moves the calender,
Let me first choose the best one to wish about New Year.
A very happy and colorful Wishes for you my friend.

#Message 4
• ♥..¸I know you are born to rock,
but never forget the clock,
Calender is moving towards new ROCK, • ♥•.¸
Never stop fighting with haters,
Okay it's time to celebrate our new year.

#Message 5
Every ending leads to new beginning,
This year end starts a new year, ¸.•♥ •
I hope your relation with this year ends with a colorful beginning.
All the best! And Happy New Year.

#Message 6
 Be ready to celebrate this year colorful, joyful and blissful with me and with a smile,
Best wishes from your best friend.

#Message 7
I'm pretty sure that you are god gifted to me,
So, I know that blessings of god be always with you,
Lead the life with a smile on your beautiful face,
=Prosperous New And Healthy Year wishes for you.

#Message 8
Go and lead in the direction of your precious dreams,
I'll be supporting all the time,
Be prepared to make this year one of the best,
Have a great year.

#Message 9
You know that Barack Obama wish you in bulk,
You know that every star on this earth wish you with all the people around you,
But you know what, I'm the one wishing you personally and intentionally,
Cheerful wishes for you from the one who cares you all the time.

Hello guys! It's time TO cheer ourselves to promote our life from the past to future. We have seen so many things were happening in 2014 but coming to 2015 what can we expect? I hope it's going to be blockbuster if we maximize our joy and happiness. Whatever happens our life has to go on for the best. What was happened doesn't matter for us to lead a new year. To make this new year more exited, here we are coming a beautiful and thousand dollar article on "Best happy new year wishes 2015". This article concern more on people who live in United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), India, Australia, Spain, Canada as they celebrate new year with passion.

This is it guys for this article. You can check more articles to get started this year with lot of hopes and opportunities. Share your thoughts and previous year experiences with the users of this site. Don't forget to enter your suggestions for us to improve the content of the site. We would love to hear your messages of this year. Thanks for reading this article. All the best for your sweet life. Best happy new year messages for you from us.

Above mentioned happy new year wishes for girlfriend will definitely impress your girl.That's it guys! I hope you have selected the best for the person who is close to your heart. Share your thoughts and suggestions with us. That will help us to improve our content. Don't forget to share your messages and quotes with us. Have a blast this year.  Keep rocking. Our team wishing you a very happy new year 2015. Thanks for visiting us. All the best for your bright future!

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New Year SMS 2015 - Happy New Year Messages in English

Check Out Best ASCII Character Messages, English Messages and Greeting cards in this article.

new year messages 2015

Expect nothing to get enjoy and don't feel bad about the past, the beauty of life is you can start over from any second. This makes life more precious.
Chase the dreams and make the world glance you. Oops! Oh sorry! I'm going in a different gateway. So, when it comes to wishing the friend on a special event makes the day more colorful and cheerful. But you should definitely wish your friends to start the new year. So without any delay let's make the bond so strong. Checkout happy new year in Spanish messages and wishes.

Best Happy New Year Messages 2015 & New Year SMS Wishes

new years messages 2015
 Happy New Year Messages 2015 & Latest New Year SMS
  • So, after so much introduction and talk, now we need to checkout the most used and best new year SMS/messages for.

#Message 10
         Happy NeW YeAr                     *• .♥•.¸
*               Great Year                            *• ♥•..¸
                Colorful Year                     *• ♥•¸
*                     Joyful Year                     *• ♥.¸
*                           2015                         *•♥•.¸
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<• ♥•...¸
  • We have specially designed some of the trendy and best special character messages for to send your friends.
Every life has it's own priority. I hope from the bottom of my heart that this year would definitely bring you different color combinations of happiness and great joy. Hope for the best and walk to the success key in your life. New year has to be started with new passion and commitments. 

This is just beginning guys. Have blast in this year. I hope you found this article helpful. Stay tune for more latest sms, messages, quotes, greeting cards, wallpapers, poems and more packages for you. Read other articles which were mentioned above. We will post more articles on happy new year quotes and Happy new year sms 2015 for the people like you. Thanks for visiting us. Share your thoughts and feelings about the year.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Friendship SMS For Best Friends in English

Friendship SMS For Best Friends. Scroll down to see wonderful sms real friends. 10 heart touching friendship messages for you in English.

Most of the people look forward to celebrate and wish their friends happy friendship day. Friend is the person in the world who can understand every single thing about you is friend. Friends are who always give support to you in any situation; actually friends are god’s gift. Friends can do anything for you; friend is the only person does everything without expecting anything from you that is friendship. “The one who cares you and don’t wait for your thanks” is friend.
Here we have converted your trust and affection into friendship as SMS/messages, some of the SMS that are helpful you to surprise your friends.

Friendship SMS For Best Friends

Best Friendship Day SMS #1
The one who can understand my feelings
The one who don’t hurt for my angry
The one who can share my tears
The one who can make me feel happy
And that is you..Thanks for being my friend
Happy friendship day.

Best Friendship Day SMS #2
Without happy my life is dull
Without risk my life is hard
Without love my life is bore
Actually I do all these things when I feel you are with me!
So, Without Ur friendship life waste!

Best Friendship Day SMS #3
F: Field of love
R: Root of joy
I: Island of god
E: End of sorrow
D: Door of understandings
I can tell the meaning but I cannot express how important you are for me!
Happy friendship day 2014....

Best FriendshipDay SMS #4

LIFE changes from
Classroom 2 office
Books 2 files
Jeans 2 formal
Pocket money 2 salary
Girlfriend 2 wife
But Friends never change, they will be like idiots forever,
Thanks for making me an idioit..

Best Friendship Day SMS #5
 A true friendship is like a computer,
You “Enter” into my life,
“Format” all my problems,
“Shift-ed” me to best opportunities,
Never ever “delete” me from your life..
Happy friendship day 2014....

Friendship Day SMS For Best Friends in English

Best FriendshipDay message #6
Friendship is not a word,
not merely a relationship.
It’s a silent promise saying, “I was ”, “I am” and ”I will be with you forever"
Happy friendship day 2014....

Best FriendshipDay message #7
The sweetest of joys
The loveliest of flowers
The melodist of songs
Can’t compare to the beauty and specialness in our FRIENDSHIP
Happy friendship day 2014.....
best happy friendshipday sms for best friend
best happy friendshipday sms for girlfriend
best happy friendshipday sms for boyfriend
best happy friendshipday messages in hindi
best happy friendshipday messages in english
best happy friendship day messages for best friend
best happy friendship day messages for girlfriend
best happy friendship day messages for boyfriend
Best FriendshipDay message #8
Some days are rough, some days are smooth
But the journey of the life is easier with a friend like you
Friendship Day SMS For Best Friends in English
Best FriendshipDay message #9
Please Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow you.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend.

Best FriendshipDay message #10
"A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself."

Send all these wonderful short messages to all your family friends and college, childhood friends